Drunk Goggles look like ski goggles with an extra lens in the goggle, that simulates the effects of alcohol. The Delta Drunk goggles strap is sewn, so you avoid the annoying buckles that keep falling off.

Drunk Goggles are used for simulating the effects of alcohol without being under the influence of alcohol. Drunk Goggles are built to simulate various stages of influence. The effects in the drunk goggles vary from tipsy to totally wasted.

How do drunk goggles work?

If you are new to drunk goggles and how they work you are in for a treat.

Drunk Goggles basically simulate the effects of alcohol, which means they gives you double vision, Alteration of depth, and distance perception. You can’t help but lose your balance. they are shaped like ski goggles with a strap to keep them in place.

Drunk Goggles make even the smallest of tasks hard. Even the “Walk the line” alcohol test becomes a hard task for most people. More advanced games like Floorball, soccer, and Relay runs become a huge challenge and these games are often as much fun to watch as they are to play with Drunk Goggles.

what does it look like through drunk goggles?
– The world looks blurry through Drunk Goggles, you see two or sometimes even three of everything and you can’t judge the distance to any item.

The Effect of drunk goggles:

  • Reduced alertness.
  • Slowed reaction time.
  • Blurry Vision.
  • Double Vision.
  • Alteration of depth and distance perception.
  • Effects judgment and decision making.
  • Lack of muscular coordination and balance.
how drunk goggles work. The simutation of incluence of alcohol

What are Drunk Goggles used for?

Drunk Goggles are used for educational purposes in Schools and by driving instructors especially. Where the Drunk Goggles are used for simulating the effect of alcohol, how the influence slows your reflex, and how your coordination and balance are getting a bit numb.

But Drunk goggles are also used for other activities like school fun events and adult parties like Batchlorparties, Office parties, and even birthday parties with families and friends. Some of the most common activities are relay races, obstacle races, and sports like Floorball and soccer.

What kind of drunk simulation goggles can I buy?

We offer two kinds of Drunk Goggles that simulate the effects of alcohol.